Capital Medical Center provides comprehensive general surgery care with four fellowship-trained and board-certified general surgeons operating in state-of-the-art operating rooms. Our general surgeons specialize in operations on the abdomen and abdominal wall, as well as operations for breast disease, some surgery in the neck, and the care of wounds. Among the many operations in which our surgeons have advanced training are removing colon cancers, fixing abdominal hernias of all types, anti-reflux surgery, bariatric surgery, surgery for breast cancer and gallbladder surgery.

All of our general surgeons are trained in minimally invasive surgery (i.e. laparoscopy). Laparoscopic surgery allows complex operations to be performed through several small incisions (typically smaller than one inch) instead of larger incisions. This has numerous advantages, including producing less pain after surgery, allowing shorter hospital stays, reducing the chance of developing incisional hernias and wound infections, and superior cosmetic results.  When laparoscopy cannot be performed safely, traditional open operations are used. When surgery through larger incisions is required, anesthesiologists at Capital Medical Center routinely use techniques such as epidural anesthesia, which can greatly reduce postoperative pain and speed surgical recovery.

Capital Medical Center is proud to offer a comprehensive approach to outpatient surgery, combining the convenience and flexibility of same-day surgery with the strength and reliability of a full-service hospital. Many operations can be done on an outpatient basis, requiring no overnight stay in the hospital. Common outpatient procedures include operations on the gallbladder, hernia repair, appendectomy and breast surgery. The perfect blend of surgical expertise, patient safety and personal attention has made our General Surgery program award-winning. Capital Medical Center is ranked in the Top 10 hospitals in Washington for general surgery and we are rated No. 1 in Thurston County (HealthGrades, 2011).  In addition, the hospital boasts a 5-star rating for appendectomy surgery (HealthGrades, 2011).

When operations require a hospital stay, general surgery patients at Capital Medical Center can take comfort in the fact that their surgeon’s office is just steps away from the inpatient hospital floor, allowing us easy access to check on our patients frequently. Our inpatient team of nurses, aides, dieticians, physical and occupational therapists, counselors and case managers know what it takes to move someone smoothly through the recovery phase of their hospitalization.  They will help get you back on your feet and out of the hospital safely.

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