The Capital Medical Center Operating Room provides a continuum of highly skilled and specialized surgical care to all patients, whether routine, elective, urgent or emergent. Located on the first floor, our Operating Room consists of eight surgical suites and a medically integrated endoscopy suite and urology suite. Each is designed to meet the needs of patients requiring surgical intervention.

The Perioperative Staff collaborates to provide skill and specialized care for patients undergoing invasive in- and out-patient surgical procedures. Operating Room staff utilize family-centered care models, function as patient advocates and collaborate with fellow departments to provide the most in comprehensive, coordinated care across the healthcare continuum.

Same-Day Surgery

Outpatient surgery typically does not require an overnight hospital stay. Thanks to improved technology and minimally invasive techniques, many surgeries allow you to recover at home.

Inpatient Surgery

Some patients will need to stay in the hospital overnight or for a few days following their surgery, depending on the type of surgery and/or the patient’s previous medical condition. As a precautionary measure, the surgeon may want to keep such patients in the hospital for observation.

Anesthesia Department

The physicians and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) in our Anesthesia Department provide high-quality anesthetic care for the full range of surgical, obstetrical and diagnostic procedures. Anesthesiologists and CRNAs work to provide the best operating conditions for surgeons. During surgery, the anesthesiologist will be responsible for regulating your anesthesia, monitoring your vital signs and taking care of your overall medical well-being.