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Intensive Care

Call 360-754-5858

Seriously ill patients will go from the Emergency Department directly to CMC’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for intensive/critical care. ICU patients require constant monitoring and care for unstable, life-threatening conditions. Highly trained nurses/staff with specialized equipment monitor and care for patients 24-hours a day.

Visitation for the ICU – Visiting hours are flexible, depending upon the patient’s needs and or physician’s orders. Patients in the ICU may require frequent or long periods of uninterrupted rest to help with their recovery. Only immediate family members and caregivers are allowed into ICU and no more than two visitors at a time. Children under 12 are not permitted without the nurse’s knowledge and approval.

The first 24 hours after admission are critical for the patient’s rest and medical evaluation. Therefore, we suggest visiting during the even hours from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm for short periods. Please understand if the nurses suggest minimizing visitors or the length of visitation.

When you visit, please go to the ICU waiting room. Dial extension 2575 and tell the nurse who you want to visit. As soon as it is appropriate, the nurse will allow you to visit the patient. Please understand, if permission is temporarily denied, it is because we have the patient’s best interests in mind.