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This page is dedicated to those team members who are recognized by their supervisors for the excellent work they demonstrate.



Tara Jefferies, Environmental Services

(April 1, 2019) – Congratulations to Tara Jefferies, a valued Capital Medical Center team member for nearly one-and-a-half years who recently received a Service Excellence Award nomination from Jill Trammell, Director, Environmental Services. Below is her praise of Tara:

Tara is excellent at what she does and is deserving of the service excellence award for her dedication and drive. She works what is typically regarded three of the busiest shifts in housekeeping: weekend nights. The shifts are always action-packed, and she rises to the occasion and has a smile on her face at all times.

It’s evident that Tara always puts the patients first. She always ensures a room is ready for a patient no matter the time. She is a team player as well: Last year, time with family was postponed so she could accept additional shifts when we the requirement arose.

She moves her life around to meet the needs of the hospital, and I am very much appreciative of her collaborative nature. Collaboration is one of the values of our hospital and Tara really does a superb job at demonstrating this. Thank you Tara for all you do for our hospital!




Chris White, Rehabilitation Services/Physical Therapy

(March 27, 2019) – Congratulations to Chris White, a valued Capital Medical Center team member since September 2015, who recently received a Service Excellence Award nomination from Chris Nixon, Director, Rehabilitation Services. Below is her praise of Chris:

Chris White, PTA, delivers excellence in customer service, clinical skills, and ownership to his position each and every day. I’m motivated to recognize him now because of how he stepped up during our recent bad weather, and coordinated scheduling and processes during my absence.  But in truth, he steps up every day.

He possesses excellent clinical skills, but along with that, has a way to connect with every patient he sees, making their experience in therapy more than just about the treatment.  He receives numerous compliments from patients, and has a loyal base of clients.

He represents our department and CMC very well, and does take the responsibility to resolve issues when that is in his power, or refer them on quickly if not.  He exhibits the utmost respect for all, especially related to patient care.

Chris takes on any project assigned, which has included supervision of students, maintenance, data gathering, and anything else I can throw at him.  He has volunteered to work some weekend days when volume was high, so that patients were care for continue seamlessly as our top priority .   We are very fortunate to have him as part of our team!




Amber Anderson, Case Management

(March 15, 2019) – Congratulations to Amber Anderson, a valued Capital Medical Center team member since February 2018, who recently received a Service Excellence Award upon nomination from CMC Case Management Director Sonji Lightbourn. Below is her praise:

Amber is an ideal Case Manager who has gone above and beyond in her role. She has developed a relationship with the staff at Capital as well as with neighboring facilities.

Amber has a kind and gentle heart and shows respect and empathy to every patient, family member and staff. She has mastered the Utilization Management portion of Case Management and we experience fewer denials as a result of her attention to detail.

Amber is very honest and does the right thing every time. Many times, patients and family members remark at how well, no matter the difficulty, she accomplishes the goal of patient discharge where each want to go. Her Case Management peers have labeled her “The Rock Star”, and she lives up to it every day.

Amber has great a rapport with patients and staff, and it is a pleasure having her on our team.




Nina Howtopat, Environmental Services

(February 28, 2019) – Congratulations to Nina Howtopat, Environmental Services, for receiving the Capital Medical Center Service Excellence award in February. Below is nomination praise from department director Jill Trammell:

Nina has been with our department for two years and during that time, she has become an integral part of our daily work. Her flexibility is legendary!

During the recent snowstorm, Nina took initiative to remain in the hospital to be available for whatever needs arose.

Nina has worked days, nights and weekends performing necessary duties everywhere – from the Emergency Department, to patient rooms, to offices, to Ambulatory – and anywhere in between. In every area she has worked, she is very appreciated, and has garnered respect and recognition for her hard work.

Nina is a valuable team member who works well with everyone in our department. One of the values that Nina displays effortlessly is one of our own core values: Integrity.

Nina is human and owns up to mistakes should one ever occur; It takes a great amount of integrity to come forward and admit a shortcoming, and it’s been through her dependable actions and quality work that Nina has earned a high level of respect and trust. Please join in me recognizing Nina for her service excellence.



Lorena Macias, Environmental Services

(January 23, 2019) – Congratulations to Lorena Macias, Environmental Services, for receiving the Capital Medical Center Service Excellence award in January. Below is nomination praise from department director Jill Trammell:

Lorena, a valued Capital team member for more than two years, works on the third floor providing top-notch cleaning and customer service. She, with the help of a teammate, has worked hard over the past few months to increase patient satisfaction on her floor during challenging times.

Within the year that Lorena has been on the floor, she has helped raise patient satisfaction scores from the 40th percentile to a current the 98th percentile! An improvement as such deserves recognition and thanks. Lorena is always smiling and has a way of making others feel at ease.

She is a team player always and takes pride in showing responsibility in all areas. If it involves a patient or a co-worker, she will do everything in her power to help.

As a leader, I am fortunate to be surrounded by a team that truly cares for our hospital and patients, and to have Lorena as a part of my team.



Tim Virtue, MT/CNA, ICU

(December 18, 2018)  – Congratulations to Tim Virtue, MT/CNA, who received December service excellence recognition from Nicole Liu, ICU Director. From her recognition of Tim:

Tim approaches each workday with enthusiasm and demonstrates a commitment to quality patient care. He focuses on what and everything he can do to ensure his patients get the best possible care while here at CMC.

Tim demonstrates pride in his work, and he displays sincerity, true compassion, and dedication in his patient care. Tim always responds to his patients’ needs, as well as his colleagues’ request for assistance with a positive “let’s-do-this” attitude. He is ready and willing to help others and goes out of his way to do so.

Tim is respectful and courteous and maintains the utmost professionalism when things get stressful. A great, recent new addition to our department, Tim’s commitment is evident every day and in every patient interaction.





Debbie Danford, MT/CNA, Unit Secretary, Intensive Care Unit

(December 18, 2018) – Congratulations to Debbie Danford, MT/CNA, Unit Secretary, Intensive Care Unit, and valued Capital team member who received December service award excellence and celebrated her 20th year with Capital Medical Center this week!

A patient recently commended Debbie’s patient care: “Debbie was especially kind and caring during my husband’s stay after pacemaker surgery. Debbie not only searched for a recliner for me to sleep on, she also found a charger for my phone.”










Kim Walter, Materiels Management

(December 18, 2018) – From the presentation made by Jill Trammell, Environmental Services Director; Kim has been a valued Capital team member for nearly 33 1/2 years!

Kim stepped up to the plate for my department while I was on FMLA. He took full-charge of making sure to stock my department with the supplies and equipment they needed to succeed while I was out.

This was above and beyond his normal daily duties and everyone in the department wanted to let him know how much of an impact he made.

What Kim did for us was worthy of such recognition; Kim really is a true team player at Capital Medical Center.





Sang Fisher, Environmental Services

(December 18, 2018) – Also from the presentation made by Jill Trammell, Environmental Services Director:

Sang has worked in our hospital for several years in many different areas and shifts until finding her home on graveyard shift.

She is constantly recognized by the medical staff in her area as being diligent in her cleaning. Sang will rearrange her schedule to make sure the hospital is covered if so needed.

During my six-week absence, she ensured many times were covered, working almost 100 hours every two weeks for a month. Oscar Lupercio-Olivares, the team leader, noted her dedication and seemingly tireless ability to work at 100 percent in the midst of working so many hours.

The dedication and ability to continue to work at her best, even when no one is looking is a very admirable quality, for which I would like to thank Sang.



Rayann La Madeleine, MT/CNA, Intensive Care Unit

(December 19, 2018) – Congratulations to Rayann La Madeleine, MT/CNA, Intensive Care Unit, for receiving a Capital Medical Center Service Excellence award in December. Below is nomination praise from unit director Nicole Liu:

Rayann is truly a dedicated Monitor Technician and Nursing Assistant who puts the needs of her patients as her priority. She approaches each workday with enthusiasm and demonstrates a commitment to quality patient care and safety. Rayann is self-motivated and is always looking to learn and improve.

As the monitor tech, she identifies and reports changes in a patient’s cardiac rhythm promptly and maintains constant communication with the care team of any further changes. As a CNA in the ICU and PCU, she puts her patients first and goes above and beyond to make her patients feel at ease while in the hospital.

Rayann, a valued Capital team member for nearly two years, is a strong team player, and is always willing to lend help to her peers no matter the task. She focuses on what she can do to ensure her patients get the best possible care at Capital.



Kristi Doucette, Rehabilitation Services

(December 6, 2018) – Congratulations to Kristi Doucette, Rehabilitation Services, for receiving the Capital Medical Center Service Excellence award in November. Below is nomination praise from department director Chris Nixon:

Kristi Doucette exemplifies service excellence.  Every day, she shows up ready to do all she can for the patients we see and for her co-workers.


As a Patient Support Representative, her job is to greet and guide our outpatients; she consistently using AIDET to communicate, makes the patients feel very welcome and at ease.  She has a great knack for validating patient concerns and making a good situation out of anything.  She shows genuine concern and caring for each of the patients she sees.  She addresses all of the patients by their names when they arrive and when they leave.


Kristi is the oil that keeps the wheels spinning smoothly in our outpatient clinic.  She takes it upon herself to find ways to solve problems, manage the schedule, investigate better ways of doing things – coming up with solutions to challenges.   She is quick to point out if she has made a mistake, and take ownership, as well as correcting it (not that it happens very frequently!).

She is adept at organizing, and knows her job thoroughly; she will help others with computer programs, helps the therapists work through insurance questions, and is a great liaison between the client and therapist.  She takes on all assignments from new tracking projects to safety maintenance to cleaning booths, all to keep the clinic flowing without a hitch.



Cecilia Mendez, Environmental Services

(October 23, 2018) – Congratulations to Cecilia Mendez, Environmental Services, for receiving the Capital Medical Center Service Excellence award in September. Below is nomination praise from department director Jill Trammell:

Cecilia has worked in our hospital in many different areas and shifts, but her true calling is to do her part in taking care of our patients in our Women’s Services department.

Her section is impeccable. She takes great pride and care in presenting the hospital in the best light. The staff on the floor look at her as a large reason for their successful patient satisfaction scores.

Cecilia is celebrating five years as a valued Capital Medical Center team member this week.

“‘Cece’ is one of the hardest working people in this hospital,” remarks Women’s Services RN Sheila Waterstrat. “She does her job thoroughly and is always kind and helpful.”

“While you can hire a person to clean, you can’t teach the drive, caring and compassion it takes to truly shine,” Trammell says. “Cecilia really does live our mission and daily reminder of service to Every Person, Every Encounter, Every Time.”



Concessa Tabalba, Environmental Services

(August 30, 2018) – Congratulations to Concessa Tabalba, Environmental Services, for receiving the Capital Medical Center Service Excellence award in August. Below is nomination praise from department director Jill Trammell:

Concessa, a valued Capital team member for three-and-a-half years, is known by most everyone in the hospital because of her great work ethic and attitude. She is a team player and is well-respected in our department. She is so dedicated, she will even walk to work at times. Concessa will work overtime and even come in and help on an evening shift if we really need help.

She holds herself accountable, and truly cares about the welfare and safety of our patients.

I have 100 percent confidence in the quality that she provides to our hospital. Concessa deserves recognition for her dependability, positive attitude and desire to always do her best.



Tonja Briggs, Environmental Services

(July 30, 2018) – From the presentation made by Jill Trammell, Environmental Services Director:

Tonja Briggs deserves to be recognized for her professional attitude and outstanding commitment to our organization.

She is always smiling, even when asked to work beyond normal hours. Her positive attitude is a wonderful quality that helps to lift and motivate others.

Among the many reasons Tonja shines, apart from her demeanor and helpfulness to co-workers, is that she will honestly do anything that is needed of her. She has come in to work at midnight to help cover shifts, helped me on numerous occasions picking up in areas, trained new staff members and worked any section of the hospital with a smile.

Tonja is a strong performer and remains on the move her whole shift. Overall, Tonja is a valued member of our team and I truly appreciate her every day.



Oscar Lupercio-Olivares, Environmental Services

(September 25, 2018) – From the presentation made by Jill Trammell, Environmental Services Director:

If you have ever worked a night shift, you most likely have had the pleasure of working with Oscar Lupercio-Olivares. He is such a hard worker! During vacations this summer, he worked overtime and back-to-back shifts, and never once vocalized being tired. His ability to always give 100 percent is admirable. He is accountable for his actions, and holds others accountable as well.

Oscar is behind some very important observations in our department that have made a meaningful impact. He helped to solve the problem of running out of rags by simply saying, “Let’s put them in smaller batches.” Since that day, we have not run out of rags.  Oscar also reminded that while quat is changed hourly in the housekeeping carts, the same was to be done with their bottles of quat.

Overall, Oscar – who celebrates five years at Capital next month – has wonderful ideas, great input and genuinely shows a desire to improve our department and our hospital. Oscar is transitioning to day shift, so if you have not seen him shine, come prepared with sunglasses!