Capital Medical Center Reproductive Health Policy

Originated 3/17 updated 3/19

Capital Medical Center provides high quality health care to everyone that comes to us for care and is committed to preserving patient choices. Patient safety is our number one priority. Reproductive health care includes many services and treatments that are unique, so we do not have formal policies that direct all of reproductive health care as an entire field of care. Reassuring the patients and families we serve is important to us; therefore, when it comes to complex pregnancies, providers of care at Capital Medical Center exercise their best medical judgment and adhere to evidence based practices and standards of care in the community to ensure safe, quality care for the patient.

In circumstances wherein a woman’s life is in danger such as in an ectopic pregnancy, providers at Capital Medical Center follow best practices of surgical and non-surgical treatment options.


Rebecca Means RN BSN CPPS
CNO Capital Medical Center