Congratulations, Nicole!

//Congratulations, Nicole!
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Nicole Liu, RN, BSN

Capital Medical Center congratulates Nicole Liu, RN, BSN, on completing her Master’s Degree in Healthcare Leadership and Management (HLM) from Western Governors University.

Liu is the Director of Intensive Care and Progressive Care and is celebrating 10 years with Capital Medical Center this month.

Her journey to her Masters started three years ago when she was working as the Intensive Care Unit Clinical Coordinator (charge nurse). Her daughter was starting all-day Kindergarten, and she had extra time to devote to herself.

Her first thought was to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, but after consulting with college advisors and researching Capital’s tuition reimbursement program, she was energized to push herself further and earn a Masters in HLM.

“The past three years brought long nights of studying after working eight-to-12-hour shifts,” Liu says, “as well as finding a balance between family, education, and work, and career advancement to the Director of the Intensive Care and Progressive Care Units. My daughter is turning 9 this year; I wanted to show her that when you work hard at something, you can achieve your goals. ”

Ask Capital’s Chief Nursing Officer Becky Means, and she’ll tell you Nicole has been an outstanding director since first stepping foot into the role.

“One thing that has made her such a great director is the drive to know more and learn more about healthcare, leadership and patient experience,” Means says. ” I am so proud of her for completing her Master’s program and using what she has learned to improve her unit and the hospital.”

“My achievement would not have happened if it wasn’t for my husband Alex who continuously encouraged me and took over much of the life’s ‘stuff’ these past few years,” Liu shares, “and my daughter, who learned patience and understanding when I was present but not available because of my studies.”

Congratulations, Nicole!