Located in Olympia, Capital Medical Center (Capital) is a full-service, 107-bed community hospital that opened its doors in 1985. We provide a comprehensive range of medical services and deliver evidence-based care to patients throughout the South Sound, including Thurston, Mason, Lewis, and Grays Harbor counties. Above all, we are committed to the care and improvement of the lives of those we serve. Located in the state capital, we have a history of serving state employees, and we believe that receiving care in your own community improves outcomes by creating continuity of care and enabling the participation of family and other partners.

Capital is owned and operated by RCCH HealthCare Partners, a national leader in the delivery of high- quality, compassionate care delivered in non-urban communities. RCCH is headquartered in Tennessee and owns 16 hospitals located in 12 states, including Oregon and Idaho. RCCH was created in 2016 through the merger of RegionalCare Hospital Partners and Capella Healthcare. One of the benefits of the merger for RCCH’s community hospitals has been the availability of additional resources for sharing best practices in clinical and operational service. RCCH’s leadership structure is decentralized, with the company providing resources to empower and equip local hospital management to determine the best strategies, prioritize goals, and implement plans.

Recently, RCCH formed a public-private partnership with UW Medicine, and Capital will be the first hospital included in the new partnership this year. Under the partnership, RCCH will operate and manage community hospitals in the region, and UW Medicine will provide expertise in patient safety and quality improvement. The hospitals within this partnership and the communities they serve will additionally benefit from UW Medicine’s work to achieve the Triple Aim. UW Medicine and Capital had an existing relationship prior to formation of the partnership; Capital is a member of the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network, and the UW Neighborhood Olympia Clinic was opened in collaboration with Capital.

The governance of RCCH’s hospitals is shared between the company and local boards of trustees, and Capital’s Board of Trustees plays a significant role in the governance of the hospital. Financial fiduciary duties are primarily the responsibility of RCCH, while the Board is primarily responsible for the quality of care and patient safety. For example, the Board’s duties include ultimate responsibility for implementing a system of monitoring and improving quality of care, granting medical staff membership and clinical privileges, developing and promoting relationships in the community, and helping develop a collaborative relationship with medical staff. The Board’s members are community leaders and physicians in the Olympia area, including the former Mayor of the City of Olympia.

One of Capital’s unique strengths is its strategic relationship with its physicians. Physicians are integrally involved in medical staff leadership and hospital committees, in addition to serving on the Board. The partnership between the hospital and the medical staff provides new resources for continual growth. It strengthens our ability to expand hospital services and add new medical specialties to meet the needs of the communities we serve. In addition to these traditional Board and medical staff leadership opportunities, Capital has also developed a Physician Leadership Group. With members representing a cross-section of its medical staff, the Physician Leadership Group provides input to hospital leadership on all aspects of operations, including key initiatives, quality improvement, strategic development, and patient, physician, and employee satisfaction.

Capital Medical Center is partly owned by some of the physicians who serve our patients. For more information, contact Administration at 360-754-5858 or view the physician ownership list.

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