Meet Jeff Hannan, Medical Assistant Phlebotomist (MA-P) at Capital Medical. For some patients, a needle prick is never just a needle prick. Getting blood drawn can come with fear or anxiety, and in a world filled with scans and tests, blood work is yet another step in the treatment journey. That’s where Jeff comes in. 


Jeff’s primary duty as a MA-P is to draw blood and process specimens for testing. Jeff also takes on the role of primary trainer of MA-Ps, is an all-around problem solver and has an unparalleled historical knowledge of the lab. “Jeff is the heart of the lab” Lab Director Eric Lee stated, “No one cares more about our patients than he does. What I really admire about him is that he is patient focused. He frames solutions for every problem we encounter with what would be best for our patients.” 


In his spare time Jeff is an assistant coach for a local high school softball team, as well as playing for and managing a non-profit men’s fastpitch team, the Westside Jacks. Jeff’s lifelong passion for baseball and desire to create something for the community inspired him to launch the Westside Jacks in 2017, building the team from the ground up. Playing for and coaching two different teams keeps him busy traveling to practices, tournaments, and various community events. It doesn’t matter where he is, whether it’s on the field or in the lab, Jeff is always ready give 100%.