Providing a clean and safe environment for staff and patients is always a top priority at Capital Medical, and the environmental services (EVS) staff has been a vital part of the frontline healthcare team during the COVID-19 crisis.

EVS team members Jean & Lorena have a combined total of over 12 years’ experience creating clean, safe, and friendly spaces at Capital Medical. We appreciate all the hard work they do to keep our facilities clean and safe. “They are infection preventers” said Dr. Denman, Infectious Disease Physician, “the environmental services team members are truly unsung heroes in our journey to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.”

As frontline health workers, Jean, and Lorena work closely with COVID 19 patients and have taken extensive precautions to protect patients, staff, and visitors. Extra precautions are added into their daily routine, like changing clothes and shoes before going home. Through their work, Jean and Lorena see firsthand that small kindnesses can make a big difference for even the sickest of patients and their families.

Thank you Jean and Lorena!