Thank you to all who took part in the blood donation opportunity that took place October 3 on campus – the BloodworksNW bloodmobile saw 13 donors and collected 11 units of whole blood. Five were first-time donors!

“Each whole blood donation contains 3 components (red cells, platelets and plasma) which can help three different patients,” says Jenni McCoy, Bloodworks NW donor recruiter representative.

Stay tuned to to learn of next blood donation opportunities at our hospital in 2020!

“We hope you realize how many lives you impact with your efforts,” McCoy says. “We never know when we or someone we might know will need blood. Due to amazing donors like you, we can be prepared. Thank you all for your gift of life! We look forward to seeing you again in 2020!”

In 2019, Capital provided 60 donors and 46 units of whole blood as donations to Bloodworks NW patients. One donor can help save up to three lives!

We so very appreciate your taking time to help our community’s blood needs!