Celebrated annually on the last Saturday in September since 1997, this event was created by the Health and Information Resource Center in 1996 as a way to get people of all ages physically active.

How to Observe Family Health & Fitness Day:

Break a sweat

Possible activities include taking a dance class, going rock climbing, enjoying a bike ride outside, or going rollerblading. You’ll get health and fitness benefits without making it feel like a chore.

Get the community in on the action

Invite your community to come together and make positive health and fitness changes. Kickball games, dance lessons, kickboxing sessions, or ice skating lessons are great physical activities.

Have fun in the sun

Enjoy the breeze as you do yoga outdoors; get some vitamin D as you do a hiking scavenger hunt; hide healthy gifts such as essential oils, jump ropes, bagged trail mix, popcorn, and granola; or relax in the sun with a tai chi class.