Anesthesia Technologist Monica Biswell

When it’s time for surgery, an anesthesia technician is an integral member of the patient care team.

The role of an anesthesia technician (or technologist) is to assist with the administration and monitoring of anesthesia, and has an extensive knowledge of anesthesia techniques, instruments, supplies, and technology. In this role, they contribute to safe efficient and cost-effective anesthesia care.

For the past ten years, Capital Medical Center’s anesthesia technologist has been Monica Biswell.

Monica joined Capital in 1995 in the Central Sterile department. In 1999, she began as an anesthesia technologist, and two decades later, she relishes her role as she enjoys everything it provides.

“I enjoy the atmosphere, and Capital is my family – my home away from home,” she says. “Everyone who knows me knows I’d do anything for anybody.”

Anesthesia technicians provide support in anesthesia for routine and complex surgical cases. They provide this service by preparing and maintaining patient monitoring devices and anesthesia delivery systems before, during and after anesthesia.

“Monica is a valued team member who is highly respected by our anesthesia providers,” says Surgical Services Clinical Director Hillie Davis-Jaworski, RN. ” They know they have what is needed for the day because Monica is on the job. She consistently exceeds expectations and I am grateful she is part of our team.”

For Monica, she often jets from spot to spot within the hospital, assisting wherever she can. She ensures the surgical team has everything it needs before, during and after surgeries, all the while trying to work “ten steps ahead of the team” to make the flow easier.

“I do as much as possible,” she states. “I help everyone, and enjoy jumping in left and right to help whether that’s in the Surgery department or wayfinding in the hallway.”

Monica notes in her 20-plus years in anesthesia technology at Capital, the two main items that stand out as having impact include the Surgical Services department renovation and expansion that was completed in late 2017, and the inclusion of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists in the operating room.

But she lists the more substantial items as her favorites:

“The co-workers, the patients, the job itself,” Monica lists, “I couldn’t ask for a more satisfying job. I love being at Capital.”