Materials Management Director Quentin Chavis (center) and his team work daily to ensure best inventory management practices and strategic sourcing, which ultimately impact the cost, quality and outcomes of patient care.

This week, October 6 – 12, Capital Medical Center recognizes and salutes National Healthcare Supply Chain Week.

Every year, the Association for Healthcare Resources and Materials Management (AHRMM) sponsors the week to call attention to the integral role supply chain professionals have in delivering high-quality patient care.

Supply chain professionals in healthcare organizations add tremendous value as they are equipped to make long-term purchasing decisions through innovative inventory management practices and strategic sourcing, which impacts the cost, quality and outcomes of patient care.

This year’s theme is “Health Care Supply Chain: Advancing Health Care Through Clinical Integration”.

To Capital Medical Center Materials Management Director Quentin Chavis, his half-dozen team members exhibit a depth and or level of commitment to patient-care support that is unparalleled.

“The team consistently meets and or exceeds our internal and organizational objectives on a daily basis,” Quentin says. “Our team lives the theme each day by setting the example of true dedication and effort … which is unmatched by any other supply chain team I’ve seen to date.”

Quentin, who joined Capital this past late summer, states he’s most proud of his team’s ability to be fully locked in by providing maximum effort.

“Their level of focus on the job and task at hand is quite amazing to see,” Quentin says. “The team, without hesitation (or being asked), goes over and beyond to ensure that staff at Capital Medical Center have the right supplies and or equipment to provide optimum care to our patients on a consistent basis.”

Quentin has been in the Supply Chain business for more than three decades. In that time, he says he’s yet to see a group of people who are so dedicated and committed to excellence in every endeavor to do “the right thing” as his team at Capital.

“It truly a credit to each individual here within our Materials Management team,” he commends.