LifeNet Health Recognizes Capital with ‘Standards of Excellence’ Award

/LifeNet Health Recognizes Capital with ‘Standards of Excellence’ Award

Capital Medical Center was proud to receive the 2017 Tissue Donation Standards of Excellence Award from LifeNet Health Thursday afternoon, May 10, as part of its Hospital Week celebration.

(L to R) Capital CFO Jennifer Weldon and CNO Becky Means accept the the 2017 Tissue Donation Standards of Excellence Award from LifeNet Health’s Heidi Schaiberger.

The award recognizes Capital for achieving and sustaining donation goals, based on least missed referrals, pre-approaches, and late referrals.

Capital was especially recognized for:

  • A 63 percent decrease in late referrals from 2016 to 2017
  • A perfect track record of zero missed referrals and pre-approaches for over four years and
  • Continually supporting existing and new opportunities to educate staff on the importance of tissue donation and your role and responsibilities in the referral process

“You all are truly champions in this process and take strides to regularly improve upon your performance,” remarked Heidi Schaiberger, LifeNet Health Tissue Donation Program partner.

“We recognize the important and meaningful work that you provide to patients in our community,” she said, “and recognize you not only for your devotion to your medical profession supporting patients and families in need, but for also for your role in the donation continuum which is so valuable to supporting LifeNet Health’s mission to Save Lives, Restore Health and Give Hope.”

“The staff at Capital take pride in timely referrals,” remarked Becky Means, Capital Medical Center CNO. “Staff are proud of all the help to our patients and other patients in the communities that our referrals can help. CMC is very happy to accept this award for timely referrals and our continuing partnership with LifeNet Health. Thank you, too, to Heidi for all her time to help in educating staff about the donation program.”

Schaiberger commented that the Capital-LifeNet combined efforts are critical to supporting tissue donation in the Northwest community, allowing LifeNet Health to serve thousands of patients in need on an annual basis.

“The gift of tissue donation allows members of our community to lead a healthy, productive and joyful life and our partner’s role in this process is invaluable,” Schaiberger said. “LifeNet Health extends our greatest thanks for Capital Medical Center’s efforts.”

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